Anti Snore Pillow: The Most Powerful Antidote For Snoring!

It’s true! Can you believe the one thing you sleep on daily can actually solve your snoring problems? YES! This is the best news I’ve heard since my snoring started and my partner started to complain how annoying I am! The anti snore pillow has little if no risks at all.anti snore pillow

This is the best solution I’ve found comfortable and all I had to do is buy the right pillow and adjust my sleeping posture. This could be the most powerful weapon for snoring. Of course, you could find other methods helpful for your snoring, but it’s really worth a shot.

Today we’re going to discuss everything regarding the anti snore pillow like:

  • How does an anti snore pillow work
  • Anti snore pillow reviews
  • Do anti snore pillows work
  • Anti snore pillow for side sleepers
  • Anti-snore pillow for back sleepers
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Conclusion

Let’s get cozy, shall we?

How Does An Anti Snore Pillow Work?

The main problem that leads to snoring is having a relaxed throat while you sleep. However, the position of your head also plays a great part in the sound produced. So, the mission of the anti snore pillow is to adjust your head in the right position comfortably so that you won’t make any snoring sounds.

For each snoring degree, there’s a pillow made especially for it, so make sure you get the right pillow for your snoring to reduce it effectively by getting back to your doctor.

But, what do people think of the anti snore pillow?

Anti Snore Pillow Reviews:

We’ll talk about the 3 most popular anti snore pillow in the market today;

  1. The Nitetronic goodnite™ Anti Snore Pillow is the best on the market so far with hundreds of people giving positive reviews on it. It monitors your breathing sound as you sleep and has sensors to detect your head position to turn your head gently to the side. The reason behind this is that it simulates your relaxed throat, which causes snoring, and vibration.
  2. The Sharper Image Pillow works on aligning your jaw and opening your airways that are partially obstructed when your tongue drops backward & makes it easier for you to breathe and reduce snoring accordingly. This magic pillow makes sleeping on your side comfortable and relaxing as you rest. Your head will be tilted back at a smooth angle to adjust your head in a no snoring position.
  3. Smart Nora Pillow is unique, as it has a different way to reduce snoring. Unlike Sharper Image & the Nitetronic pillows, it uses the Air Tube. This is basically a part which works in conjunction with your pillow, all you have to do is insert the Air Tube in it.

Make sure you put it in the right position so that the Air Tube will deflate and inflate changing your head position through your sleep.

So, is this an effective solution for snoring?

Does Anti Snore Pillow Work?

There’s one thing you should really bear in mind when deciding to get an anti snore pillow for your snoring, and that is its effectiveness depends greatly on how you sleep and your snoring degree.

Heavy Snoring:

If you’re a heavy snorer or prefer to sleep on your back, then you’d better use an inflating anti snore pillow and wedge pillow as this type specifically will reduce your snoring magnificently.

If you sleep on your side then shaped pillows won’t work for you.

Mild to Moderate Snorer:

The best solution for you is the contour snoring pillows (a type of anti snore pillow).

Side Sleepers:

Any type of anti snore pillow will work perfectly for you! Let’s talk in more about side sleepers and their snoring problems..

Anti Snore Pillow for Side Sleepers:

The greatest way to sleep when you have a snoring issue is on your side to decrease it. Why? Because, as you sleep on your side, the pressure applied on your throat & neck muscles is at a minimum, which will lower the snoring ultimately. The chances of your airways being blocked while you sleep on your side are minimized.

If you don’t have a chronic snoring problem (a mild snorer), then sleeping in this position along with the anti snore pillow will definitely solve your problem.

Your jaw won’t have the option to move much as you sleep on your side and the pillow also prevents your tongue from falling and blocking your airways. If you notice yourself carefully as you sleep on your side that your neck is elevated, this, again, contributes in lessening the chances of blocking your airways.

So, what if I don’t like sleeping on my side and sleep on my back.. does that affect my snoring?

Anti-Snore Pillow For Back Sleepers:

Well, I have rather bad news for those who love to sleep on their backs, but, I have to be honest about this. If you prefer sleeping on your back, then chances that your snoring is louder and more intense are greater.

But, why?!!

As you sleep on your back, try to notice your chin drops toward your chest which restricts the airways and makes your snoring more intense! Also, your jaw and tongue have a greater chance to fall back as they relax when you sleep on your back usually blocking your airways. There’s also a great chance that your mouth opens up. So, all the factors that contribute in snoring are combined when you sleep on your back.

So, what am I supposed to do if I love sleeping on my back?

No worries, the anti snore pillow can excellently solve this issue for you by adjusting your head position.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I bet at this point you have some questions regarding the anti snore pillow, and I’m here to give you answers:

Who Can Use The Anti Snore Pillow?

There are no restrictions to who can use the anti snore pillow and who cannot, in fact, everyone can use it. The only thing that matter is getting the right anti snore pillow that matches your snoring level.

Will The Anti Snore Pillow Work For Me If I Have Sleep Apnea?

The only case here is if you have a sleep apnea, then the anti snore pillow won’t solve your snoring alone, but you’ll need to use other things that your doctor will guide you through. The anti snore pillow can help reduce but not eliminate snoring.

So, consult with your doctor and be fully informed on which anti snore pillow can help you with your sleep apnea and follow your medications & treatment.

What If The Anti Snore Pillow Doesn’t Work for Me?

Don’t give up when you don’t find any results with the anti snore pillow, there are many other anti-snoring solutions out there in the market, like; the anti-snoring chin strap & the mouth guard for snoring. All these are new proven ways, along with the anti snore pillow that reduce if not completely eliminate your snoring issues.

What Do You Need from an Anti Snore Pillow?

First of all, I want to tell that changing your sleeping position habit can genuinely affect your snoring and help you improve it intensively. As I previously mentioned that when you sleep on your side, the snoring gets reduced by default because you’re opening up your restricted airways.

If you like sleeping on your back to elongate your back and reduce any pain in your lower back or neck while getting rid of snoring, then the anti snore pillow will work tremendously for you. The anti snore pillow will cradle the back of your head and stop it from falling forward, which, in return, will open your airways and reduce your intense snoring.

What If I Like Sleeping On My Stomach, Will The Anti Snore Pillow Kill My Snoring?

As for those who sleep on their stomach, the anti snore pillow won’t help solve your snoring. Why? Because the anti snore pillow is designed to eliminate the snoring of those who sleep on their backs or on their sides.

But, if you like sleeping on your stomach and have a snoring problem, then I’d recommend using a flat pillow to keep your head and neck aligned to avoid any airway restrictions.


To sum this all up, the anti snoring pillow could be the antidote for snoring that you’ve been looking for. The technique is by avoiding any airway restrictions caused by your relaxed tongue, jaw and throat muscle as you sleep on your side or on your back. As for those who sleep on their stomach, we have just discussed the perfect solution for you previously in the post.

There’s one important about the anti snoring pillow you need to know before you go, and that is to never sacrifice your comfort. You know that the anti snore pillow is designed to adjust your sleeping posture and head position, if you’re not feeling right about how it’s adjusting your body, then don’t push yourself to sleep on the anti snore pillow, or maybe you didn’t choose the right one for you.

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