The best nose strips for snoring to curb your sleepless nights

Are you looking to reduce your snoring levels, I have come upon the best nose strips for snoring that is likely to not only lessen the snores but may cure other issues such as sleep apnea as well.  Breathe Right Original Tan Nasal Strips is a revolutionary product that helps you by instantly opening your nasal passages so you can breathe better. The product includes spring-like bands that lift and expose the nasal passage to support you to breathe healthier so you can sleep more and snore less.

best nose strips for snoring

I have struggled with snoring issues myself and that affected the quality of my life. These days the market is full of anti-snoring products and devices and it often gets difficult to select the right one for ourselves, so I researched and experimented with innumerable solutions to get down to the following

List of best nose strips for snoring available in the market:

  • Breathe Right Original is available in 3 varieties, clear, tan and menthol
  • Breathe Right Extra is 50% extra than the Original for extra lift to breathe
  • Breathe Right Kids is specially designed for little noses for children
  • Breathe Right Advance provide four points of contact to opens your nose completely

The product Breathe Right Original Tan Nasal Strips has been reviewed by 365 customers online on with 4.3 Stars out of 5. Majority of the buyers are not just satisfied with the product but often recommend it to everyone else with reviews like “I only buy the Breathe Right brand and Amazon has the best price around” and “MUST HAVE for anyone with seasonal allergies or symptoms”.

There were minor disagreements on the initial versions of the product and the company has modified the product or stopped manufacturing of a particular variety which has led to the slight dip in the rating of the strip ratings. It is a natural product without any side effects and is recommended by doctors for effective and economical treatment than undergoing surgery.

My experience has been wonderful with the Breathe Right Original Tan Nasal Strips. I ordered the strips from the link Breathe-Right-Original-Nasal-Strips  on I received the pack of two boxes of 30 strips each as per my requirement of 2 months. The box retailed for $36.99, which was quite affordable as compared to my previous buys.

First of all I observed that the Breathe Right Nasal strips are combination of tender but robust adhesive and strong reflex action which pulls open your nasal passage physically so that you are able to breathe better. Since these strips are drug free, I never faced any side effects and by no means had to wait for anything to kick in but got instant relief so I can sleep comfortably through the night.

Applying the nasal strips was thoroughly simple, all I had to do was wash and dry my nose and make sure that I placed in the right position after peeling the strip away from the liner and placing it on the middle of my nose. The strips do lift slightly in the night but it stays on till morning. Once I removed the strip quickly which left my skin irritating the whole day, now I remove the strip while taking a shower.

The Breathe Right Original Tan Nasal Strips is definitely the best nose strips for snoring that has improved quality of my life and is improving my relationship with my partner by not snoring. I get sound sleep each day and feel fresh whole day due to which I am able to perform my daily tasks actively and efficiently.

How Breathe Right Nasal Strips Works

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