Does Zenguard work?

Zenguard is a tongue restraining device or shortly called as TRD that holds the tongue in place forward keeping the airway open. But one of the biggest questions for anyone who is looking to try the TRD is, does Zenguard work? 

Does Zenguard work

As per a professional clinical study it has been proven that tongue restraining anti-snoring devices are effective in reducing snoring. So let’s find out if Zenguard really works for chronical snorers like me. 

When I opened the box, no instructions were there. The device looks similar to a baby soother and is made of similar material, the rear end bulb provides the suction and keeps the tongue in place with suction. On the other end protruding silicon goes between the lips and the gums which helps the device from falling out.  

Looking at the device, the usage seemed self-explanatory, I placed the device in my mouth and pushed the bulb, introducing my tongue inside for suction. I would admit that TRD is not the easiest way to stop snoring and would require a lot of practice. I ended with tongue and jaw soreness multiple nights as side effects. I also had to get up multiple times in the night to adjust the device when the suction wore off.

  Does Zenguard really work?

Does Zenguard really work

Overall, the anti-snoring tongue stabilizing device has been effective for preventing the snoring for me since my wife has stopped kicking me in the middle of the night. The upside to the product is that it comes with a buyback policy if you do not find it useful and it is quite durable, another advantage is that unlike other mandibular advancement devices, you do not have to wait to melt the device to your teeth-jaw structure, these are ready to use once out of the packaging. It also comes with a handy storage case which helps keep the anti-snoring device sanitized and safe. 

Zenguard, is a cheaper alternative to all other anti-snore devices available in the market. Once you are accustomed to the device, you will definitely have good results in diminishing the snoring sounds in your bedroom.

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