Earplugs for Snoring: How to Block Snoring Forever!

Is your partner’s snoring getting really annoying that you can have a peaceful sleep? or maybe your partner doesn’t want to do anything about it and you can’t take their snoring anymore? Maybe your partner’s snoring, although it can be treated, in some rare cases, it just doesn’t go away? Well, you’ve come to the right place as we are going to discuss everything regarding earplugs for snoring and how they can block snoring.Earplugs for Snoring

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You’ll find many products in the market for snoring reducing the airway obstruction, but, we are not all the same, so results vary from one snorer to another depending on lots of factors.

Our main focus today is to talk about snoring ear plugs:

  1. How effective are the earplugs?
  2. Is it comfortable to sleep with the earplugs in your ears?
  3. How will you know it’s a good earplug?
  4. What to consider when buying earplugs?
  5. What are the different types of earplugs?
  6. Where can you buy earplugs?

Let’s block out this snoring for good!

How Effective Are The Earplugs For Snoring?

First of all, you should know that good earplugs blocks most noise, if not all noise. Remember that you’re buying them to block out the snoring noise that is preventing you from sleeping.

Generally, earplugs for snoring which are made from wax and foam are the best for blocking out any noise and very effective. You must make sure to properly insert the earplug and don’t worry if your ears are small, the foam of the earplugs expands to block out all noise by forming an airtight seal.

Moreover, there are some earplugs for snoring made from just wax and they are very soft for your ears and effective in blocking noise. Don’t worry if you’re afraid it’ll warm up your ear and make it oily because wax made earplugs for snoring don’t have such effects.

So, that brings us to a very important questions everyone considering buying earplugs for snoring ask me all the time..

Is It Comfortable To Sleep With The Earplugs In Your Ears?

So, I want to deliver my own experience with earplugs for snoring to be realistic. To be honest, my experience with the earplugs wasn’t bad at all, and I slept with them in my ears every night (of course).

You’ll be even more motivated when you wear earplugs because you want to save your marriage and keep your partner.

Now, let compare between two situations,

As you sleep, would you rather tolerate the annoying sound of snoring that you cannot sleep or wear some uncomfortable earplugs for snoring?

Ok, if you have never tried earplugs for snoring, let me tell you based on what happened to me. I happened to buy some cheap pairs of earplugs for snoring and the pain was unbelievable in my ears! I’d rather hear my partner snoring than have these annoying painful pieces in my ears all night!! It’s that painful buying some cheap uncomfortable pairs of earplugs for snoring, believe me!

So, How Will You Know It’s A Good Earplug?

The most important thing to focus on is that the earplug fits really well in your ear canal. Just make sure you don’t have any antennas on your head (because the earplugs for snoring are sticking out) and that the earplug isn’t in there too deep.

There should be a perfect fit between the earplugs and your ears leaving no space between them. The best description for ideal earplugs for snoring is when they form an airtight seal because otherwise you’ll still hear noise (your partner’s snoring).

To sum up, the greatest earplugs for snoring should offer you both the most comfort despite your sleeping way and at the same time blocking out the snoring noise during your sleep.

Now, What Should You Consider When Buying Earplugs For Snoring?

So, now you’ve decided to search for the best ear plugs for snoring. The first thing to keep in mind that there are three main points to be considered and later on I’ll tell you all about the earplugs for snoring materials;

3 Points to Consider When Buying Earplugs For Snoring:

Point 1 – Completely Block The Noise:

You need to find earplugs for snoring that will block out the noise completely or at least most of it. The noise (snoring) should be blocked to an effective degree and at the right level so you’ll not be disturbed while you sleep.

There’s a very familiar term you should be aware of when you decide to buy earplugs and that is “NRR” which is short for “Noise Reduction Rating“. This term is used to measure how much noise will be blocked when you wear the earplugs for snoring.

Point 2 – Comfortable To Wear:

The earplugs for snoring need to be greatly comfortable. You’d better choose the earplugs that you can mold in your ears easily and naturally. Once you feel like you’re not wearing anything then that’s the perfect earplug for you.

You’ll wear the earplugs for around 6 to 8 hours every night, so it’s really important to buy comfortable ones.

Point 3 – High NRR:

One basic rule you should know, the higher the NRR of earplugs for snoring, the more noise it’ll block, the better chances you won’t hear your partner snoring, and the more peaceful sleep you’ll get every night.

As per my personal experience, point 2 is the point you should focus on first, because if the earplugs for snoring has high NRR but is not comfortable then you’ll not wear it and will be in pain.

As promised we’ll discuss the earplugs materials..

What Are The Different Types Of Earplugs For Snoring?

Generally, there are three types of earplugs for snoring that you’ll find on the market these days for the best ear plugs for sleeping:

  1. Foam Ear Plugs.
  2. Wax Ear Plugs.
  3. Silicone Ear Plugs.

So let’s discuss some main differences between the three types of earplugs:

1.Foam Ear Plugs:

  • These earplugs for snoring come in bullet shape (can sometimes come in different appearances and shapes).
  • The denser the earplugs for snoring are, the more they’ll block out any noise.
  • You should always check the packaging and read the NRR for the earplugs for snoring you’ll buy.
  • You usually squeeze the foam earplugs into the outer part of your ear canal and they’ll expand once they’re in to form an airtight seal. The airtight seal of the earplugs prevents any sounds from entering your ears, thus blocking out the snoring and you can sleep peacefully.
  • In the morning, when you wake up, you can easily pull out the foam earplugs by pulling out the flat end.
  • From my experience, the only disadvantage I found when I bought the cheaper version of foam earplugs is that the flat end sticks out that you can feel it when you sleep on your side (if you’re not a side sleeper, then this won’t be a problem for you).

2.Wax Ear Plugs.

  • The best thing about the wax earplugs for snoring that they are usually specialized and cannot be reused.
  • Personally, I don’t prefer the wax earplugs for snoring, and I don’t think you’ll like the wax earplugs.

3.Silicone Ear Plugs:

  • The silicon earplugs for snoring come in a flat cylindrical form and you have to bend them over the top of your ears’ opening.
  • People mainly use this type of earplugs for swimming to block water from getting into their ears.
  • Lots of people prefer the silicone earplugs for snoring over the wax and the foam earplugs.
  • You should know that the silicone earplugs for snoring are designed to just block the entrance of your ears (never put it in your ear canals because it’ll cause severe problems).
  • It’s easily removed as you wake up in the morning, all you have to do is tilt the earplug from underneath and slide it away from your ear.

So, Where Can You Buy Earplugs For Snoring?

In The Pharmacy:

You can find the silicone and foam earplugs for snoring in many pharmacies and big stores. Just walk up to the front desk and ask for earplugs for snoring and they’ll provide you with them.

Online Stores:

There are many stores online where you can search for many different kinds of earplugs for snoring available these days.

Moreover, you can find lots of earplugs for snoring on Amazon, but just read the product reviews before buying anything to make sure you won’t spend your money away.

People always share their opinions in the reviews on Amazon, so check them out carefully before buying an earplug (if there’s over 90% positive reviews on the product, that means it’s great).

If you have previous experience with earplugs for snoring and looking for an ideal one, I’d advise trying a couple of earplugs (they’re not expensive) till you find the brand that fits you since we are all different and what I like, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll like it too.


Silicone earplugs for snoring tend to be somewhat more expensive than foam or wax earplugs, both types last around one to two weeks if you use them regularly every night.

That was our full guide on earplugs for snoring, share with us your experience and which are you willing to try.

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