Good Morning Snore Solution Review: What to expect when using a Tongue Retaining Device for the first time

Are you suffering from deadly snores of someone who sleeps in the same room as you? Have you tried the tele marketed anti snore mouthguards and have lost all hope of finding a solution that will help you get over this issue? If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, then Good Morning Snore Solution is the right answer for you.

Good Morning Snore Solution Review

Each night, many people that suffer from snoring try numerous self-help remedies, but often to no avail. Many of these devices are ineffective and inconvenient while others dig a hole in your pockets.  The Good Morning Snore Solution is a TRD or a tongue retaining device that can be used by people suffering from obstructive sleep disorder. Apart from being my doctor’s favorite, this is also one of my special choice of anti-snoring mouthpieces.

Having spent a reasonable amount of time around deep snorers, I am always in a lookout for an effective and efficient anti snoring method that can help me or my readers recover from snores without any side effects. Out of all the solutions that I have ever tried, the Good Morning Snore Solution is one of the simplest yet effective device. However, before jumping onto a conclusion for yourself, I would recommend you read the entire Good Morning Sleep Solution Review below and judge for yourself to see if this might be the exact solution.

How does the Good Morning Snore Solution Work?

How does the Good Morning Snore Solution Work

The Good Morning Snore Solution Mouthgaurd is a tongue retaining mouth piece that directly targets one of the primary physical cause of snoring i.e. tongue. As we age, with time our tongue starts losing its elasticity, so when we sleep especially on our back it tends to fall back on our air passage and obstructs our respiration while sleeping. This can often lead to more serious conditions such as Sleep Apnea. However, as you use GMSS, it works by pulling your tongue forward in a way that it clears any obstruction that the tongue may have caused by dropping at the back of your throat while sleeping.


The Good Morning Snore Solution Mouth-piece is approved by USA’s Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada, EEA, Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and Better Business Bureau. As unique as the combined recognitions are, the GMSS device is made of 100% BPA-free material that is known to be free from any harmful effects.

Good Morning Snore Solution Review: Pros and Cons

Before you make a decision on buying the most suitable anti snore solution for yourself. It is very important to be well informed about the cause of your snoring to be able to make a well informed decision about the product you are about to buy. Based on my experience of using multiple snore solutions and devices available in the market. I have noted the best ones and have reviewed each of these here, so without further ado, let’s take a look at both pros and cons of using GMSS.


  • The Device is convenient and comfortable to wear
  • The universally single fit design of GMSS leaves lesser space for unwanted hassle of customizations
  • 100% BPA free material
  • Can be worn by over dentures, caps, bridgework, and crowns.
  • Can last up to 1 year or longer, but this cab depend on your personal handling
  • Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • Initial usage can cause a couple of nights when you will experience drooling, but this tends to lessen as you get habituated to using the anti-snoring device.
  • Easy to clean using cleaning solutions from your nearest pharmacy
  • Slightly expensive as compared to other anti-snore mouth pieces available in the market
  • If you are accustomed of getting nasal allergies or rhinitis, then this device may not work well for you.
  • Some soreness of tongue can be experienced in the initial usage which tends to ease up over time

Good Morning Snore Solution Review: My Takeaways of using GMSS for a week

I ordered the GMSS from its official website at the retail price of $104.94. My package arrived in a couple of days and I was excited to unbox it immediately.

The GMSS comes within a case and a Polident denture tablet that can be used for cleaning. All of this comes with an instruction manual from the manufacturers that describes how to start using the device before you go to sleep, each night.

That night I started using the oral appliance using the instructions. The GMSS is worn by squeezing the bulb like part of the device and sticking it to the tongue. It may seem uncomfortable at first but eventually you can adjust the suction’s pressure by squeezing the bulb. As the device had fitted well to my tongue that night, I slept wearing the GMSS through the entire night.

Next morning my tongue was quite sore but it slowly got better with time. My wife had slept next to me and said I had not snored throughout that night. This was a pleasant surprise considering most of the devices don’t give such results from the first use itself.

By the second and the third night, the issue of tongue soreness was gone completely and I felt more accustomed to using this in my mouth. Wearing the GMSS almost felt like a part of my routine. As I was able to get the perfect amount of suction to hold my tongue, immediately.

Eventually by weekend, GMSS had started seeming as natural and comfortable as it could be. My family was also happy because now they were able to sleep peacefully and restfully each night.

Final Verdict: Would I recommend Good Morning Snore Solution?

Even though, I have been a keen researcher and observer of best available anti snore mouth pieces. But it is always recommended that you consult your physician first before you begin using any of the over the counter products available these days.  And if your doctor gives a go ahead, the Good Morning Snore Solution is by far one of the best anti-snore MAD/TRD available that has none or least amount of side effects.

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