Pure Sleep Reviews: Could This Be The Ultimate Snoring Solution?

Pure Sleep ReviewsToday, we’ll walk you through Pure Sleep reviews. I bet snoring is giving you a hard time! Now, you have enough of it and you’re looking for a powerful solution to eliminate your snoring for good. On the other hand, maybe you’re looking for a snoring solution for the ones you really care about. There’s a recent research that shows some statistics that 30% of men who are 30 years and above snore. Another research shows that 2/3 of married people report that their partners snore, too!

But, is it possible to find a way to get rid of snoring completely?

This is the most frequent questions people ask me, and to be honest, I used to ask myself this! So, I went on a mission to gather the information & find Pure Sleep reviews along with my personal experience to provide you with reliable information!

Today you’re going to know:

  1. What is Pure Sleep?
  2. How Much Will Pure Sleep Cost me?
  3. Pure Sleep reviews (Pros & Cons)
  4. Why should you buy Pure Sleep?
  5. How can you customize Pure Sleep?
  6. How Does Pure Sleep Work?
  7. Will Pure Sleep Work for you?

Let’s get your snoring over with, shall we?

What is Pure Sleep?

The first thing you should know is that Pure Sleep is considered a MAD. In simpler words, it is a mandibular advancement device, which works by supporting your jaw as you sleep and hold it forward. The reason why this snoring solution works on preventing your jaw from dropping backward is that snoring originally occurs when your jaw, tongue and throat muscles relax (They cause a constricted airway as these muscles relax while you sleep).

As a result, you snore and it makes perfect sense to support your jaw to stop snoring (eliminating the cause to solve the snoring). As Pure Sleep supports your jaw forward, your airway is now open and clear and there’ll be no snoring!

Here’s an excellent video to explain how Pure Sleep works for snorers:

So, is Pure Sleep expensive? Will it cost me much?

How Much Will Pure Sleep Cost me?

You can get a good offer from Pure Sleep with two-for-one price deal on this snoring solution. The price is around $59.90 and they add a $10 for shipping and handling. For that price, you’ll get 2 Pure Sleep devices.

If you ask me, this is definitely a good value for your money because Pure Sleep works fantastically as per my experience (that’s $35 a piece including shipping, which is amazing).

Moreover, Pure Sleep Company allows a 30-day trial at first, so, basically you could end up paying the shipping cost only($9.95), that’s if you didn’t like the Pure Sleep. During the first 30 days, your credit card will only be charged for shipping fees of the 2 pieces of Pure Sleep. While, on the 30th day, you’ll be charged for $59.95 or not (in case you returned them).

Now, it’s time to discuss Pure Sleep Reviews..

Pure Sleep Reviews (Pros & Cons):

Like any snoring solution, the Pure Sleep has its advantages and disadvantages, that’s why I’m dedicating this part to talk about Pure Sleep reviews and what have I and others who have used it, experienced.

Pure Sleep Reviews – Pros:

  • You’re allowed to breathe through the mouth since there’s an air hole.
  • You can make a custom fit using its boil-and-bite process (we’ll discuss later in the post).
  • You can adjust the lower jaw placement easily because it has three adjustable features.
  • The price is amazing with a 30-day trial, in which you’ll only pay $9.95 for shipping.
  • Pure Sleep is made of BPA-free and latex-free (safe materials for your body).
  • You won’t experience any air obstructions with Pure Sleep instead you’ll enjoy a clear airway.
  • Pure Sleep is FDA approved, so you’re absolutely safe.
  • You can enjoy one piece for 6 to 9 month before using another Pure Sleep piece.
  • It’s made of high quality in the USA using high American quality materials.

Pure Sleep Reviews – Cons:

  • You cannot change the molding of Pure Sleep once you’ve done it.
  • Few have faced some jaw soreness, but, in most cases, it was gone after a few nights.

Why Should You Buy Pure Sleep?

After reading the Pure Sleep reviews, you have figured out that it is an affordable snoring solution. Moreover, it is manufactured and designed by dentists, so Pure Sleep was specifically designed by specialists to optimize the solution.

You have nothing to worry about regarding the materials since Pure Sleep is made of safe materials (BPA-free and latex-free). If you prefer breathing through your mouth or have a condition that only allows mouth breathing, then, this is the snoring solution for you, since it has an air hole.

Pure Sleep solution definitely offers three adjustable settings and allows you to achieve a custom fit to suit you.

Is there a specific step-by-step process to follow to customize your Pure Sleep piece?

How Can You Customize Pure Sleep?

When you get your Pure Sleep device in the mail, you will find it in two pieces. You’ll also find an included detailed directions for the adjustment process of Pure Sleep. But, you always have to keep in mind that once you molded the Pure Sleep piece, it cannot be remolded again.

Generally, it is necessary that you pick the right one to avoid the hassle, so take your time. The moment you make up your mind and chose a setting, it’s time to start the boil-and-bite process.

 Here are the easy steps to follow:

First, make sure you have the instruction with you as we go through the customization of Pure Sleep.

  1. You should bring 2 cups filled with water to the temperature mentioned in your instructions.
  2. You can use either a coffee mug or a small bowl where you should pour the water.
  3. Immerse the Pure Sleep mouthpiece for the time you’ll find specified in the instructions to mold it. (Make sure you stay patient).
  4. Now, after the time is up, take the mouthpiece out of the hot water, and allow the device to cool until it gets to a safe temperature to avoid mouth burn.
  5. After that, you can set the Pure Sleep piece in your mouth, and bite down. Keep biting and hold this position for almost 45 seconds (you want the softened material to create an impression of your teeth).
  6. Finally, remove and place the Pure Sleep piece in some cold water to speed up the hardening process and enjoy your new snoring solution.

Now, that you’ve known Pure Sleep reviews and how to customize your piece, it’s time to know its mechanism.

How Does Pure Sleep Work?

Like several oral stop-snoring devices, Pure Sleep is a MAD, which uses a mandibular repositioning method. Basically, Pure Sleep’s role as a snoring solution is to gently hold your lower jaw forward of its normal position during your sleep.How Does Pure Sleep Work fightsnoring.net

The most important thing to know is that snoring happens due to constricted airways as your jaw, tongue and throat muscles relax. Here, the mission of Pure Sleep is to open your constricted airways enough to make breathing easy and to remove any obstructions. When you’re air ways are open, and there are no obstructions, then, there will be no snoring sound!

You’ll see that Pure Sleep comes with an upper and a lower piece that you can join together in three adjustable settings depending on how you bite. After you connect the pieces, the device is boiled to soften (Like we mentioned in the customization process). This gives you the perfect feature of molding the piece to fit your own mouth.

Will Pure Sleep Work For You?

First of all, you should go through the Pure Sleep reviews we discussed together earlier to decide what’s best for you. On the other hand, as long as the Pure Sleep snoring appliance is correctly adjusted to a convenient fit for you and you mold it perfectly, then, it is an efficient solution to your snoring.

All previous users (including myself) have reported that their snoring problem and degree was hugely reduced and was completely eliminated after trying a Pure Sleep piece. However, some snorers experienced some drooling and jaw discomfort, and this commonly subsides after a brief period of use every night.

Summary For Pure Sleep Reviews:

Pure Sleep snoring solution is a great stop snoring device option, and one of my favorites. There are several advantages and you can know about them as you read the Pure Sleep reviews, which makes it fantastic. It does offer several adjustable settings during the fitting customization, so, if you’re looking for a really perfect fit, Pure Sleep is the best option.

Now, you’ve known everything about Pure Sleep reviews, what it is and how it works. I also included the customization process to make sure you set your Pure Sleep piece perfectly.

Share with us your experience if you have tried Pure Sleep for snoring. If you haven’t tried it yet, then share this article with all, so they will benefit from the features of Pure Sleep as an anti-snoring solution.


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