Serenity Sleep Aid Mouth Guard Review

Snoring is a common phenomenon that creates muffled sounds that occur as a result of the hindrance caused by our tongue to the nasal passage while we are asleep. Frequent or habitual snoring should never be ignored as those can be a symptom of the onset of much more complex sleep issues such as Bruxism, Sleep Apnea, and Hypertension etc. As I am myself a recurrent snorer, I was keen on trying various solutions in the market that claims sure success. One such solution is Serenity Sleep Aid Mouth Guard.

Serenity Sleep Aid Mouth Guard

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Though at first, I was skeptical just like anyone else, the risk-free, pocket-friendly aspect of the product made me want to want it a try.

Bruxism also known as teeth grinding is a sleep syndrome that is typically diagnosed in children. However, this is not exclusive to youngsters because this condition has been recorded to affect an estimated 8 percent of adults as well. In most cases, this ailment goes away with time, but while it is active, it can get very stressful, fatiguing and painful.

Even though occasional teeth grinding may not be a big deal, but if you feel it is getting repeated, you are more prone to experiencing earaches, damaged teeth, migraine, jaw stiffness, and pain. And if combined bruxism with the effects of snoring, this amalgamation can have an adverse effect on your quality of life.

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How does Serenity Sleep Aid MouthGaurd work?

Serenity has charted the FDA regulations and has made their device as a solution to nighttime bruxism; it can be custom fitted to any mouth size, swiftly and effortlessly.  The device is made from soft gel material that requires boiling to take shape of your mouth before use, all you have to do is follow the instructions to get the best possible fit.

The best feature of the mouthpiece in question is that it is much more durable and long lasting since it is designed to deal with the stress that grinding and clenching your teeth. Still, I would recommend that you change the equipment in six months as a matter of personal hygiene.

Common problems with mouthpieces are that they fall out during sleep or choke people but Serenity Sleep Aid mouthpiece does not get these complaints from its users who adapt to the device after second use. If you are looking for a device to help you with bruxism or snoring then Serenity Sleep Aid has the perfect product prepared as per your requirements.

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Serenity Sleep Aid Mouth Guard Review: How well did it work for me?

Serenity Sleep Aid Mouth Guard Review

Serenity Sleep Aid Mouth Guard Reviews on Amazon

I have been suffering from occasional teeth grinding and frequent snoring issues. Combination of both these problems had been affecting my personal and professional life in many ways. My partner had started to complain immensely about the disturbances. Then one of my close friends suggested that I should use serenity sleep aid mouthpiece which had helped her overcome this situation in her relationship. I ordered the device online, I had no problem boiling and molding the device since I had worked on few sports gears before. Once the product had taken the shape of my mouth, it felt as a part of my body and helped me decrease my terrible snoring. In my experience the Serenity Sleep Aid Mouth Guard is a perfect solution to people who are suffering Bruxism.

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