Sleeptight Mouthpiece Review: How effective is this mouthgaurd for people with Bruxism

I have struggled with snoring issues and bruxism from past 3 months. Waking up irritated and with sore jaw had taken a toll over my wellbeing. I was so desperate to try everything that came my way to get rid of this problem, until I found Sleeptight mouth guard. Read on my Sleeptight Mouthpiece Review to know how this device can help anyone who is suffering from Bruxism.

Sleeptight Mouthpiece Review

What is Sleeptight?

Sleeptight mouth guard is a jaw alignment device also known as MAD that can be worn by people who are struggling with teeth grinding or clenching of jaw in their sleep. The mouthpiece is designed to align your jaw in a way that it does not cause any obstruction to the air passage while the person sleeps.

The device is made up of a firm material that can be moulded as per your own jaw alignment by heating in boiling water. Unlike most of the mouthpieces available in the market, Sleeptight contains an air hole which provides an opening of up to 6mm that allows enough air and oxygen to pass through from mouth. This feature is especially useful to someone who is suffering from congested nose or rhinitis.

How does it work?

The Sleeptight Mouthpiece is created to directly address one of the most common physical cause of snoring which is obstruction of air passage. It made from a material referred as EVA which is BPA and latex free material that softens on boiling and grasps any shape as it cools off. To create an ideal jaw alignment you can heat the Sleeptight mouthgaurd in boiling water and once the material softens, put it in your mouth to create a mould as per your jaws shape and size.

My Sleeptight Mouthpiece Review


  • The mouthgaurd has holes in the front that allows an easy airflow to enable you to breathe
  • Boil and bite method allows the guard to be customised as per individuals mouth’s size and alignment.
  • Easy to carry and use
  • 30 days partial payment guarantee that helps you use and judge the product.
  • Approved by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration.
  • Can last for a longer period of time as compared to other devices, from 6 months up to 2 years.
  • EVA material provides a flexibility to boil and refit its shape multiple times
  • Easy to clean with mouthwash, soap and brush.


  • May increase drooling and salivation temporarily in sleep
  • Patent is still pending
  • The design only allows upper jaw placement and doesn’t adjust the lower jaw as required.
  • Cannot be worn with dentures
  • Doesn’t stabilize the tongue while resting on the back

SleepTight Price

The Sleep Tight Mouthpiece can be ordered from the official SleepTight Website and is retailed at a price range of $69.95.

Under a unique promotional offer, you do not have to pay the entire amount altogether. Instead, you can pay only $9.95 for the mouthgaurd and try it for 30 days. If the device, suits your requirements then your card will be charged for $59.95 after 30 days, else if you return the product before that, you won’t be charged the additional amount.

Final Word

As per my experience, the Sleeptight Mouthpiece is one of the genuine anti-snoring solution for someone who is suffering from Bruxism. After the first boil and customized fit, I found the mouthgaurd molded well to my teeth and upper-jaw. Out of the unlimited options of over the counter medicines and anti-snoring devices, Sleeptight MouthGaurd is by far one of the most convenient and effortless anti snoring device I ever used.

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