Smart Nora Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

With continuous rise in the awareness of ill effects of snoring, we have committed to introduce you to the newest anti-snoring products in the market, in this article I will share the latest addition to the anti-snoring devices- Smart Nora and will share my personal experience and Smart Nora Reviews. This is a patented product created with a revolutionary technology.

Smart Nora Review

I have always been a very heavy snorer and in my expeditions for good night’s sleep, I have tried multiple anti-snoring devices in different categories like nasal devices , oral appliances , chin straps, position control devices , expiratory positive airway pressure therapy devices, and tongue stabilizing devices. From my experiences I will be sharing classic Smart Nora review, which is the only standalone system that acts as a smart snoring pillow and acts like a sweet sleeping partner at night.

Is Smart Nora different from other Anti-Snoring devices?

Most snoring devices operate manually by uncomfortable positions through mouth guards, strap on and stabilization which elevates our head or positions jaw to prevent snoring by clearing the air passage manually. However, with the advent of modern technology, a new generation of smart, and more sophisticated, anti-snoring devices have been born – but are they any more effective than the traditional methods?

In modern era of technology, I opted for the Smart Nora device, this unique master piece technology has multitudes of positive reviews online bids and the most comfortable solution to your worse snoring nightmares. The setup jumps into action as soon as the noise levels get too high as per the setting you have suggested. The product dimensions are 10 x 4.5 x 7 inches the shipping weight is 5.5 pounds, it uses batteries – 2 Lithium ion batteries.

The Smart Nora is an automatic smart listening device which will monitor your snoring noise levels and inflate your pillow to regulate your head in the right position. These adjustments will clear your air passage for optimum breathing and hence prevent snoring. Once the head is in the proper position the device gently deflates to a comfortable posture and the process repeats every time the room gets noisy. The Smart Nora acts like your partner that timely adjust your head by warmly putting an arm under your head when you get too wheezy.

Below, I will share my Smart Nora Review which will include the description of the user manual, the device description and features of the device.

How to use The Smart Nora Pillow Kit?

The main Nora kit includes a round oval egg shaped Pebble which monitors the sound levels, this comes with an overhead mount which can be positioned with a self-adhesive sticker which helps you position the Pebble on a head board. The manual instructs is to position the Pebble 4 inches from your head so it can detect your snoring levels.

This amazing product is wireless and comes with 2 small blinking lights which tell the wireless connectivity and when to recharge the device. The pebble can recharged via USB cable support, since the USB cables are so common these days, I found this method is quite convenient. Under the device, we have the controls, in the middle we have the Sensitivity which can be set from adjustment dial of 1 to 5. I observed that at low sensitivity, only the snoring sounds is detected but when you set this to high sensitivity , the Pebble picks up other minor sounds like the fan and may inflate too frequently. The back of the body also has the on off slider switch to control the ignition of the device.

The other thing inside the Nora case is the white flat insert that is folded up, this is attached with a clear tube which is responsible for inflating and deflating your pillow. This insert is inserted into the pillow and pillow case which raises and lowers the pillow when it detects the snoring.

How does it work?

In Smart Nora, the Nora engine is the main component that has white control box that has the on off switch, low, medium and high setting toggle which decides how high the pillow will be inflated . This is one of the few devices that are truly contact-free and help you reduce your snoring without touching any part of the body which is a complete relief. Other medicinal anti-snoring products may have ill side effects but Nora is smart modern day physical technique that does not involve consumption or uncomfortable devices to put into your mouth or strap-on on the head, which may leave the skin irritating and sore.

With many cables, lights, and buttons it takes some time to figure this out how to setup the device. The clear tube attached to the white insert is attached to the Nora engine on the side of the white control box which also has USB slot which connects the pebble to the Smart Nora engine and the power adapter plugin is also present alongside the USB slot. Once charged and up, you are ready for a good night’s noise less sleep.

The customer support team is up to the mark and you can expect timely response for your queries. The trained specialist have faced multiple research scenarios and provide effective practical tips as on how to improve the impact of the device. In fact, multiple members of our customer support team are Smart Nora users themselves!

Overall the Smart Nora is a promising solution to prevent snoring which can be combined with Snorer or a Zyppah mouth piece anti snoring device for better results. I ordered the Smart Nora device online, which was delivered to me swiftly through Amazon. I also noticed that Nora has a 30-day return policy, which is reassuring.

The setting of the device is a bit complicated in the beginning but you a step by step guide through the user manual, which helps you complete the setup. I have already described the setup process in the article earlier. It is not mentioned in the manual to charge the pebble earlier but you will need to charge the device few hours prior to use, which can be done by plugging it into the Nora Base using the USB cable included. The lights on the pebble was confusing too since no markups have been assigned and leaves your imagination to work out the purposes of the system.

Once you have your pebble device charged, you will be ready for to test the device. There is a Bluetooth button beneath the device which helps you go for a test run with the device. It may take some time for the test since it needs time to establish the connection.

The first with Smart Nora setup was not bad but my pillow inflated twice due to external factors, once due to my alarm which was humorously helpful and once when my partner got out of bed. It did take a while to have the correct settings in place but within a week I was sleeping comfortably like a baby with lesser complaints from my family. Initially the tube coming out the side of the pillow was awkward, and the pump was definitely audible through the pillow.

My Smart Nora Review- how effective is the device?

I do tend to snore heavily when I am very tired and the settings have helped a lot, the device successfully detected these periods of heavy snoring and inflated the insert, which was quiet and gentle in its action. The inflation action went unnoticed when I was in heavy sleep but it was a bit uncomfortable when I was just dozing off, again I got used to this and sleep soundly through all the inflations and deflations embracing the pillow as my partner’s arm.

The main question for the interested customers will be, did the device work? Is Smart Nora up to the mark as per the marketing claims? The answer is yes, a bit of elevation can really impact the snoring, and my pillow insert elevated when my snoring hit higher decibels.  The Pebble can be mounted on the headboard. There is a self-adhesive sticker on the back of the Pebble – and the Smart Nora instructions say to place the Pebble about four inches away. This has helped to pick up the lighter to moderate snoring and improve accuracy.

For the Smart Nora Review’s conclusion, I would say that the device is 100% effective, comfortable, durable and easy to clean. The product gives back the complete value for your money and the company fulfills all its promises of preventing the snores from reaching out to your neighboring partner’s ears. You can easily carry the complete set to any place due to the nice packaging and compatible your favorite pillow. This definitely is the product which will keep you awake due to your partner’s soft snores and make you think to buy one set for them as well.

The device has rating of 3.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon and has been reviewed by 37 customers online already. You can order the product on the below link:

Best Anti-Snoring Device in the market – Smart Nora

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