Snorepin Review: Things you need to know about the best anti snoring solution

More than 50% of people are affected by snoring and frequent nasal congestion, including me. Although my husband never complained about it, yet I was always really embarrassed to wake up at night to see him staring at me and not being able to sleep well because of my snoring. Therefore, I kept on looking for effective solutions and products to solve this problem.

Snorepin Review

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Since the market is now filled with multiple solutions, contraptions and other such remedies for snoring problems and I had already tried wearing a mouthpiece and using several prescription products, but I didn’t get the result that I was looking for, till I used Snorepin.

A few months ago, I saw this special product online and wanted to try it myself. After I tried, it was so amazing, so I thought to share it with you. Now, let’s know more about Snorepin as these superb nasal cones are incredible.

What Is Snorepin?

Snorepin is an ideal tool to stop snoring without having to wear the annoying mouthpiece or use any medications. First of all, many studies indicate that the main reason for snoring is obstruction of the airway due to a deviated septum, allergies, viruses, polyps, or because the nostrils are almost closed. As a result, Snorepin is designated to help you breathe better when you are sleeping which is the ideal solution to stop snoring. Snorepin directly opens up your nostrils from the inside when you sleep which help you to breathe in a better way.

How to use Snorepin?

What I love about Snorepin is that it is very easy to use and doesn’t have any side effects as it works by simply dilating the nostrils which allow better airflow. I just inserted one cone into each nostril, and these kept my nostrils open all the night.

There is also a small link between the two cones to connect them and keep them together. This link prevents the cones from going too much in the nose; moreover, their unique shape maintains a good shape for my nostrils.

Snorepin cones are safe as they are made from hypoallergenic polyurethane which is not as soft and cozy as silicone but it is comfortable and without any latex. Additionally, it doesn’t cause allergies or any kind of discomfort and is very light and discreet which is very good as no one can notice that I am wearing a Snorepin, especially in the dark.

Snorepin cones can be used by children over the age of 10 as well as by adults. I don’t know why, but there is only one size of Snorepin, but the manufacturers claim that this fits anyone. I guess they are saying the truth as it was very comfortable for me and for my 12- year’s son too.

What is impressive about snorepin, is that the makers of this wondrous solution really care about their customers, so they put two sets of Snorepin nasal cones in each package which is very convenient if you run out on one pair or if the Snorepin is misplaced or damaged. However, if you take care of the set, it will definitely last for a long time. Just make sure to not boil or sterilize them, they only need a simple quick wash using some mild soap and warm water.

Impressive facts about Snorepin

As we all know, there are some little hair in our nose. Sometimes these hair are annoying, but they are really very important as they catch any kind of tiny particles like dirt and microbes, and they prevent them from entering our airway, sinuses, and eventually lungs. Thus, these hair protect our health from foreign substances entering our respiratory system.

I used many kinds of nasal cones before, and all of them didn’t have any slits, so they block the hair from doing their job. Unlike the others, Snorepin has slits which allow the hair to filter the air entering our body from dirt, bacteria, and viruses, thus it keeps our body safe and healthy.

There is one slight problem which is associated with these nasal cones and all others are that these may fall out, especially if you are a fussy sleeper.  Maybe, for this reason, the package contains two sets, so if the first is lost or damaged, you will have the spare set.

After waking up and removing them, make sure to wash the pair of Snorepin with warm water and some mild soap to use a fresh and clean pair of Snorepins each time.

Pros of Snorepin

  • Light and easy to use for a long time.
  • Helps in case of nasal congestion
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Amended design with slits which let the nasal hairs do their job.

Cons of Snorepin

  • Reasonable price but not as cheap as some other nasal cones
  • They rarely fall out, but it is possible.
  • Made of polyurethane, not silicone.

Price of Snorepin

Snorepin has a reasonable price which is acceptable, but not as cheap as other nasal cones. One package costs $14.99, contains two sets of Snorepin nasal cones and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Notice that its price is definitely cheaper than the mouthpieces.

Snorepin Amazon

Snorepin is now found in many online stores. Amazon is the most popular online store where people buy Snorepin. You can also find it on e-bay and many other online stores.


According to my personal experience, I have to admit that this unique and improved design of Snorepin with the small slits on the surface of the cones deserves to be one of the best snoring aids in the market today, and I recommend trying it. They are not as soft as those made from medical-grade silicone, but believe me when I say that these nasal cones are very comfortable, and they really work.

I guess I will keep using them for a long time.


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