SnoreRx vs Zquiet- Which one is better?

Snoring is not just another hostile problem for oneself but it is also a form of serious disorder for a number of health hazards; luckily there are simple anti-snoring solutions available in the market like mouth pieces which prevent snoring by holding the jaw in place.

SnoreRx vs Zquiet

In this blog, you will get to know about two of the most widely popular anti-snoring mouthpieces-SnoreRx vs. Zquiet. 

When you debate about best anti-snoring mandibular advancement devices, SnoreRx and Zquiet come to unique resemblance and help you in tackling your snoring issues. However, if we compare these relatively, both the devices have majorly vary in design, size, customization and affordability.  

Zquiet, like the SnoreRx, is a mouth guard anti-snoring device but it is comparatively low-priced than the counterpart. While Zquiet costs around $75 to $80 per piece, and it costs you about $100 to own a SnoreRx mouth piece.  

The main advantage of Zquiet is that it is a ready to use device from the moment you open the box since it’s a ‘one size fits all’ sort of a device, unlike SnoreRx which needs be molded first to fit your teeth structure which gives you a closer fit. Both the devices have a large breathe hole for mouth breathing.  

In contrast to Zquiet’s unique hinge design, SnoreRx is completely customizable, it is also relatively larger in size and consists of 2 piece mechanism that can be adjusted for the lower jaw placement. The hinge design allows you speak few words or take a sip of water before going to sleep, the equipment design is not that thick and is quite compact. It consists of soft plastic type material which is very flexible compared to SnoreRx.  

While Zquiet may be cost effective and comfortable to use, it does not provide the perfect fit to prevent the snoring. Once you have molded the SnoreRx to correctly fit your teeth structure, you will positively counter all your wheezing complications.

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