SnoreRx vs Zyppah: Discovering the best Anti-Snoring Devices of 2018

Snoring is a common problem which has been persistent in all of our lives for some time now and the demand for permanent solution to the issue has led to a rapid growth of anti-snoring devices in the market. As we search for an effective solutions, we come across new inventions in anti-snoring devices that are available in categories like nasal devices, oral appliances, chin straps, position control devices, and tongue stabilizing devices. Sometimes, when you are searching for the right solution to your problem, having so many choices can get overwhelming, so today, let’s compare the top two anti snoring devices of 2018- SnoreRx vs Zyppah.

SnoreRx vs Zyppah

Both of these mouth-pieces are used to prevent snoring by slightly holding the jaw forward. Besides being Mandibular Advancement Devices, these are actually two completely different products. I will first describe SnoreRx which has been one of the most effective anti-snore guards for quite a while now and has been out rating Zyppah in many ways.

The SnoreRx works with a “Flex-Jaw” design that is adjustable with a push button on the side and you can use it to push the lower jaw tray and adjust it to any position you desire to keep your air passage open. The mouth piece has two large holes in the front which allows the air to pass freely.  It has a hard plastic outer framework with a very soft plastic inner framework for teeth placement.

Zyppah on the other hand has the lower jaw tray sticking out further than the upper jaw tray which keeps the air way clear by keeping the lower jaw forward. It also has a large air hole in the front which allows you to breathe freely while you sleep. It is also customizable as SnoreRx with adjustable teeth impressions.  One additional feature with the Zyppah is that it has an elastic band that stretches from side to side on the device and over the tongue, which acts as a tongue stabilizing device.

Further I have laid down an objective comparison of both the devices to know the specification of each:

SnoreRx vs Zyppah: Side by Side Comparison

SnoreRx Zyppah
CATEGORY Mandibular Advancement Device Mandibular Advancement Device / Tongue Stabilizing Device
MATERIAL Copolymer Hypoallergenic Thermoplastic
CLEANING Requires Denture tablets plus requires disassembly for complete cleaning  Soap and Water
SIDE EFFECTS drooling, soreness drooling, jaw pain/stiffness
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 30 days 90 days
Price $99+ $10 Shipping Charges $90+$10 Shipping Charges

Conclusion- My experience with Snorerx vs Zyppah:

Both the products are high quality and FDA approved, but SnoreRx has better suited my requirements and was able to work effectively in my case. The device has been more efficient in curing my snoring problems and has lasted longer than Zyppah, which further makes it a value for money. I have had an experience with the customer care service and it is great. Even though, it took time for me to adjust to wearing SnoreRx each night, but it was worth the effort.

However, if you are looking for a tongue stabilizing device you should definitely go for Zyppah but if you are diagnosed with chronical issues such as Sleep Apnea, Bruxism, lower alertness levels and are experiencing sleep deprivation you should order the SnoreRx today.


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