SnoreRx: The Ultimate Review On The SnoreRx Snoring Solution

So, you want a complete guide on SnoreRx snoring solution, because you want to get rid of your snoring problem. Also, you want to know if this unique mouthpiece the answer for your snoring.Snorerx

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Overall, we’re going to cover:

  1. What is Snorerx?
  2. What makes Snorerx stand out?
  3. SnoreRx amazing advantages (The pros)
  4. Some disadvantages.
  5. How much does it cost?
  6. How does SnoreRx work?
  7. Is Snorerx the solution for you?
  8. What do people think of it?

With all that said, and now, that you have an idea about what are going to cover, let’s start the review.

First of all,

What is SnoreRx?

The great news about this mouthpiece is that it is an affordable and effective snoring solution that most snorers found it to be their new best pal! This anti-snoring device is a MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) with unique features, unlike all other MADs.

You can easily adjust your mouthpiece and it can suit anyone. Mouth breathers won’t have a problem using it. You won’t worry much about changing it that often because it has a long lifespan when compared to other MADs in the market (we’ll discuss in detail later in the post).

You might need extra effort to clean your mouthpiece than any other anti-snoring device as it has a custom design.

But, I personally don’t mind taking extra couple of minutes cleaning it, as long as it is an affordable and very effective snoring solution that will last for a long time.

What Makes Snorerx Stand Out?

With lots of snoring solution in the market, it managed to stand out from the crowd and its audience.

1.    It is a MAD:

One of the greatest thing about this snoring solution is that is a MAD. In other words, SnoreRx will work on maintaining your lower jaw in a forward position during your sleep.

Also, it has many outstanding features not found in other MADs.

2.    Customization:

This is one of the most noticeable features you’ll notice about SnoreRx is its customization. You can use the calibrator that is on the side of your device to customize it. Uniquely, the calibrator has ten settings spaced with one millimeter apart.

The secret behind its uniqueness lies in this one-millimeter variation, so you can easily adjust the device to fit your lower jaw comfortably.

3.    Squeezing Mechanism Of Customization:

Another thing that makes it unique is how easily you can customize it through it squeezing mechanism. Moreover, you can reset the customization settings if you want.

If you compare SnoreRx to other MADs, you’ll find that it gives the option to easily set the position of your lower jaw.

4.    Durable & Non-Irritating Material:

SnoreRx is remarkably made of durable, medical-grade & nonirritating material. You won’t have to worry about any latex, acrylics or BPA in this device because it is not made of any of those. This is great for snorers who have allergies or sensitivities.

Moreover, you’ll not find any metal or rubber bands in it as they cause torsion or uncomfortable pressure on your jaw.

There are so many features that make this mouthpiece unique and we’ll discuss the rest in the pros.

SnoreRx Amazing Advantages (The Pros):

So, we have talked about what makes it unique, and here and I’m going to tell you all its advantages. But, it’s worth mentioning that you can adjust SnoreRx and it’s one of the features that makes it stand out.

SnoreRx was given the name “Flex-Jaw” because it gives you the maximum comfort.

·       Modern Design:

The first best thing about this snoring solution is that you’ll not find any springs, torsion, rubber bands, or screws like in many other anti-snoring devices.

·       Post-Flow:

It has a very advanced feature for air breathing through your mouth so you can get the adequate amount of oxygen into your lungs.

·       Calibrator:

If you want to have clear measurements of your jaw adjustment, then you can do that easily, using its amazing calibrator.

·       Teeth Cushion:

While you’re sleeping your teeth will now enjoy a nice cushion sensation because of the patented copolymer material of SnoreRx.

·       Posi-Lock:

You don’t have to worry about losing the position you set because it has a lock feature that saves the position unless you decide to reset a new one. This is perfect to maintain its position as you sleep.

·       Long Life Span:

You can have this anti-snoring piece for 12-15 months without it wearing off or losing effect.

Some more things you’ll love about Snorex:

  • You’ll enjoy how easy and comfortable SnoreRx is.
  • It’s an anti-snoring solution approved by the FDA.
  • You’ll not wait long for its delivery because they have fast shipping through FedEx (it only takes 3-5 days).
  • SnoreRx has an amazing price for its amazing features it provides. (we’ll discuss later in the post)
  • The AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine) certified SnoreRx and is considered the golden standard by which anti-snoring & sleep medical devices & services are assessed.
  • SnoreRx made sure to meet new Medicare standards for seniors.
  • It is manufactured in the USA.
  • You don’t have anything to risk since you’re offered a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With all these advantages, is there anything bad about SnoreRx?

SnoreRx Disadvantages:

Despite all the good things we’ve discussed SnoreRx, there have to be some disadvantages because nothing is perfect. So, here are few disadvantages:

  • With time and with your mouth getting used to wearing SnoreRx every night, some people have found themselves having a minor degree of snoring.
  • The first couple of times you wear SnoreRx, and, basically any other MAD, you could experience some drooling & discomfort (because you’re not used to having something in your mouth).
  • If you’re wearing any dentures or bridges, then SnoreRx won’t work out for you.
  • You will use some extra effort to clean up SnoreRx because of its custom fit design.

Certainly, you want to know how much SnoreRx cost after knowing all its cool features.

Snorerx Pricing:

To be honest, when I first read all the incredible features for this fantastic anti-snoring device, I was expecting a high price. But, when I ordered 2 SnoreRx pieces, I was surprised to find an amazing discount when you do multiple purchases.

  • One anti-snoring piece price: $99.
  • Two anti-snoring piece price: $154.
  • Three anti-snoring piece price: $199

It was supposed to be $198 when you buy two anti-snoring pieces. So, they almost offer us 50% off the second piece deal.

You can get your pieces shipped through USPS for $6.95. Also, you can ship you anti-snoring pieces with FedEx for $9.95 because they are delivered quicker.

Maybe, you want to know how SnoreRx works before purchasing it.

No worries.

How Does Snorerx Work?

As we mentioned before that SnoreRx is a MAD that will help you with your snoring. It works by making your jaw stay in a forward position.

The reason why you need to keep your jaw held forward is to avoid your tongue from relaxing & falling backward. By maintaining a forward position for your lower jaw, you’re preventing & reducing the risk of your airways getting blocked.

The better air flows in your throat, the less vibration in your throat muscles occurs & the fewer chances of snoring.

The allowance of advancement micro-adjustments is what makes it a genuine anti-snoring mouthpiece.

Is Snorerx The Solution For You?

If you’re one of the people who want to have a great customized fit, then SnoreRx is the anti-snoring solution you’re looking for. Snorers who used it found it to be very comfortable because it fits typically any mouth shape and size.

Mouth breathers who are suffering from any snoring problems can use it with no worries (you can breathe normally through your mouth and get a great airflow to your lungs)

Also, if you are afraid you’ll get any allergic reactions, don’t worry as this mouthpiece is free from any material that can cause allergies or sensitivity.

Lots of snorers have reported how effective SnoreRx was for them!

Lastly, you should take a quick look on some reviews of people who actually used SnoreRx.

What Do People Think Of It?

Malcolm says:

” The mouthpiece works better than any other device that I have tried… and I have tried several ones! My wife is enjoying her sleep a lot more ever since I got this magical mouthpiece!”

Charles says:

” Life changing mouthpiece! Since I could not wear any type of mask for a CPAP, I was told about anti snoring mouthpieces that were on the market to help me with my sleep apnea. So, I checked out the reviews for numerous different types of anti-snoring solutions and I was drawn to SnoreRx because of the advanced adjustable feature. It honestly took a couple of weeks to get used to it and have it every night in my mouth but the result is amazing. I am not snoring anymore, I sleep my hours, and I wake up having so much energy because I am sleeping fine. I have recommended your mouthpiece to all I know. It isn’t the cheapest mouthpiece out there yet I, and my wife definitely think it’s the excellent and well worth its cost.”

Calvin says:

“High-quality mouthpiece and excellent customer service! Buy this anti-snoring device with confidence; they genuinely honor their 30-day money back guarantee.”

Finally, you have finished your complete guide on SnoreRx! Tell us what you think about this mouthpiece if you’ve used it!

Have a great free-snoring life!

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