Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard: All You Need To Know About It

Snoring could be really annoying, that it bothers you that you have to find a solution. But, I’m here to help you find  Snoring Mouth Guard fightsnoring.netthe most comfortable solutions for snoring such as anti-snoring mouth guard. Although you want to solve your snoring issue, you want to solve it in a safe way.

I’ll give you a complete guide on the anti-snoring mouth guard. We’ll discuss:

  1. What is a mouth guard?
  2. What makes a mouth guard ideal?
  3. How does a snoring mouth guard work?
  4. Anti- Snoring Mouth Guard Side Effects.
  5. Where To Buy Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard.
  6. Frequently asked questions.

Let’s start..

1.     What Is A Mouth Guard?

An anti-snoring mouth guard is obviously to fight snoring, and a custom fitted device that you wear over your teeth. It’s not only used for snoring, but, also to protect athletes teeth from any injury or damage. Some wear it when they have braces on because it is important to have a good-fitting mouth guard to prevent any potential trauma.

2.     What makes a mouth guard ideal?

Your ideal anti-snoring mouth guard also:

  • Allows speaking
  • Does not limit breathing.
  • Is resilient, odorless, tasteless & tear-resistant.
  • Stays firmly in place as you move your jaw.
  • Is durable
  • Easy to clean.
  • Provides a great degree of support and fit.
  • In general, the mouth guard covers your upper teeth only.

3.How Does A Snoring Mouth Guard Work?

One of the products that doctors recommend for treating or eliminating your snoring is anti-snoring mouth guards. Dentists have designed this piece to keep your mouth in a certain shape as you sleep.

How does snoring actually happen?

The reason why doctors need to keep your mouth in shape & in control with an anti-snoring mouth guard is that when you sleep your jaw muscles relax. Basically, your whole body relaxes, but let’s focus on the muscles that affect your snoring.

Here, I mean your jaw muscles, your tongue, and throat. As your tongue relaxes during your sleep, it drops back, narrowing the airways making this noise we call snoring.

Wearing a properly fit anti-snoring mouth guard holds your mouth in a perfect yet comfort position to reduce or snoring if not get rid of it completely.

Sounds uncomfortable, right?

I got some good news for you, there’s a reason why mouth guards are still running successfully in the market with thousands of positive reviews.

This reason is that anti-snoring mouth guards actually work for snorers and those who have a chronic condition as well.

What is MAD?

Mandibular Advancement Devices

It’s short for “Mandibular Advancement Devices”. It is simply the anti-snoring mouth guard we’ve been talking about, designed to avoid your tongue from relaxing and dropping back. As your tongue is in control and doesn’t fall back, the snoring will stop. MAD also helps to prevent your jaw muscles from relaxing as well. Both factors, your relaxed jaw and tongue, if controlled, then snoring will no longer be a problem.

As soon as we solve the air obstruction issue, your snoring will be solved and this is the mission of the anti-snoring mouth guard.

A dentist will always fit your anti-snoring device to do the following:

  • Support your jaw in case of your jaw falling back.
  • Push or drive the jaw slightly forward, simply opening your airway
  • Lower your tongue to prevent it from falling back to your throat and blocking your breathing
  • Assure that soft palate tissue doesn’t block the air passageway.

You can check out this video, which explains how anti-snoring mouth guard works:

Now, let’s take a look at some real reviews from those who actually tried anti-snoring mouth guard, does it work?

Let’s find out..Click here snoring mouth guard reviews

4.     Anti- Snoring Mouth Guard Side Effects.

Your dentist designs the guards so that they can exert a slight force on your jaw and teeth. But, most importantly the dentist wants to make sure that the mouth guard fits your jaw structure because each one has his/her own face bone structure.

Now, you should be aware of the anti-snoring mouth guard’s possible side effects that could happen when you wear it:

  • First, you’ll have trouble fitting the mouth guard.
  • You might find it uncomfortable at first because it’s a new device to your face.
  • You could produce extra saliva at the beginning, until you get accustomed to the mouth guard.
  • After that, you need to follow up and make subsequent dentist visits to adjust the device.

A dentist or the doctor prescribes the anti-snoring mouth guard for you, or you can buy it online of course. But, after purchasing one, visit your dentist to make sure it fits your jaw structure perfectly to avoid any discomforts. Moreover, make sure that the anti-snoring mouth guard is FDA approved and are legal for sale.

5.     Where To Buy Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard.

There is a reason why the FDA cares a lot about your health and has put restrictions to buying the anti-snoring mouth guard from the manufacturer directly. But, afterward, it was made possible to purchase it by phone or online, through the manufacturer’s website or other popular selling websites.

For most of us now, living in a fast world, we want a better solution for getting our anti-snoring mouth guard with much ease and fast delivery.

So, online stores started to put anti-snoring mouth guard on their selling list, and it turned out to be a very comfortable way for people to buy their snoring solution at ease.

Online Buy & Sell:

When you start to browse eBay or Amazon, you’ll find a huge list full of anti-snoring solution amongst them is the mouth guard and you’ll find some powerful positive reviews on it.

What about the price range of the anti-snoring mouth guard?

You’ll find it around $10 – $15.

Some problems can face you online while purchasing:

  1. You’ll buy a product that is not made of safe thermoplastic.


If you don’t purchase a high-quality mouth guard, you’ll expose yourself to some health dangers, as cheap plastic can release dangerous chemicals like BPA.

Did you know that BPA, if released into your body would increase your risk of having decreased thyroid function, cancer, obesity & neurological problems?

So make sure you don’t go cheap on mouth guards to avoid any risk of having these conditions.

  1. You can end purchasing the mouth guard, which is meant for athletes in sports, or a night guard instead of getting yourself an anti-snoring mouth guard.

So, at this point, so you didn’t solve your snoring problem and wasted your cash.


You can find a great list of anti-snoring mouth guard here, and they are made intentionally for snoring. Feel free to click on any mouth guard you find suitable and you can purchase it without having to worry.

Also, make sure you read the reviews on the mouth guard you decided to purchase to make sure you’re putting your money in the right place.

6.     Frequently Asked Questions:

These are questions for you; if you are new or already know some things about snoring and the anti-snoring mouth guard. I have gathered up some questions that you probably have in mind and will provide you with some good answers.

Why Are You Snoring?

Hormones, obesity, prescribed medications, alcohol can all contribute to your snoring and there are many other factors. Nevertheless, snoring happens when your airways are partially obstructed as you sleep and your jaw & tongue relax as we previously explained.

But, I’ll briefly explain again that your tongue drops backward as you sleep partially blocking your airways. Also, your uvula and soft palate are really close and they cause snoring by vibrating against the soft throat tissue while you sleep.

Which Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard Should I Choose?

Each and every one of us has a unique mouth structure, needs and snoring degree. So, the best mouth guard for one person doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best for you.

With over 100 different anti-snoring mouth guards online, the decision isn’t as simple as you thought it could be.

So, to avoid any discomfort, money wasting, and snoring, it’s better to just discuss with your dentist the best options for your snoring and to understand your uniqueness in mouth structure.

Go over several reviews everywhere on the mouth guard you’re willing to buy, and, again, don’t go for the cheapest option to avoid any risks.

Is Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard Painful To Wear?

The mouth guard shouldn’t cause you any pain, but at first, it can cause some discomfort. There’s a difference between pain and discomfort, so make sure you know what you’re feeling when you’re wearing the mouth guard.

An MAD can cause some soreness at first, and lots of people have found that massaging your jaw right after removing the guard, made the soreness go away and the muscles relax.

How Do You Know A Mouth Guard Is Safe?

The anti-snoring mouth guard could be very safe or unsafe, as we discussed earlier. When purchasing a guard, you should look for 2 main things, the United States Food and Drug Administration approval and that it has been tested for safety. You’ll have the peace of mind as you buy a mouth guard that is approved and not cheap enough to cause any doubt.

Make sure you go through the anti-snoring mouth guard instructions of that you’ll buy before buying it and use it as directed. Also, read the contradicting conditions and check that you don’t have any one of them.

For instance, if you have weak or loose teeth, you need to read the instructions and warnings and make sure the guard you choose does not recommend not wearing it.

Is There A Mouth Guard You Can Wear While Wearing Crowns, Caps, Or Bridgework?

Yes, there is, by reading the instructions of the MDA you choose, you could find if it is suitable to be worn along with caps, crowns or bridgework. You’ll find in the instructions that you can wear the mouth guard as long as the dental work has been there for a couple of months.

Can You Use A Mouth Guard For Your Sleep Apnea?

When we are talking about sleep apnea and using the anti-snoring mouth guard, it is a sensitive topic. You need to get back to your doctor first, undoubtedly, to check your sleeping apnea condition. Moreover, you need to check whether the mouth guard will help you with solving your snoring or not.

Once the doctor diagnoses that you have a sleep apnea, he/she will start recommending some devices to use to help which are effective enough for your sleep apnea.

I’d advise not to use an anti-snoring mouth guard without getting back to your doctor to avoid any health risks.

How Long Can You Use One Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard?

Normally, an anti-snoring mouth guard can be used for 6 to 18 months depending on the manufacturer. I can’t stress how important it is to read the mouth guard instructions of the one you choose to buy before purchasing it.

But, this is a wide range for a lifespan and the reason behind it is that there are several factors that can affect the mouth guard. For instance, teeth grinding can make it wear out quicker. The quality of the mouth guard you use and your sleep habits as well.

Can You Wear An Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard, If You’re A Mouth Breather?

Yes! If you search very well, you will find plenty of anti-snoring mouth guards that you can wear while breathing through your mouth and some specifically designed for you. The most important thing about these designed anti-snoring mouth guards is to ensure that your body gets the oxygen it needs while stopping the snoring.

These kinds make sure there’s an airway wide enough to get the oxygen you need while having the mouth guard in your mouth.

So, this was your quick, yet complete guide on anti-snoring mouth guards and the common questions you have in mind. Share your experience and tell us which resolved your snoring and why.

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