VitalSleep vs Pure Sleep: Which MAD is better than the other?

If you are a snorer and are looking for ways to get over with the nightly rumbles, the best way to treat your snoring problems is by opting for an effective mandibular anti-snoring device.

 VitalSleep vs Pure Sleep

When you research for most affordable devices the 2 names that come forth are the VitalSleep and the PureSleep mouthpieces. Both products are best equipped to handle your wheezing problems, we will further illustrate the major differences between the popular anti-snoring devices 

Let’s match VitalSleep vs. Pure Sleep to know which one is best suitable for your concern. 

When you compare the devices, both mouth guards are customizable, for VitalSleep, it needs to be molded to fit the mouth structure, however, for PureSleep, you have to heat up the piece and bite down to imprint your teeth impression for a custom fit which adds to the comfort.  

The VitalSleep has a flexible frame which opens up to 25 degrees using the hinged technology, it is the only device that uses accu-adjust technology for personal adjustment of the jaw.  

The PureSleep is FDA cleared and with the help of self-molded retainer, it provides effective anti-snoring results. The most impressive marketing technique of PureSleep is that the company lets you try the device for 30 days without actually paying for it, you only have to invest the shipping charges in the beginning. After making full payment, you receive a second pair free of cost. The VitalSleep mouthpiece provides 1-year warranty and comes with a 60 days money back policy.  

Relatively speaking, the cost differences are only $10 as the VitalSleep costs $60 and the PureSleep will cost you $70, including the shipping charges. 

VitalSleep has relatively larger and taller mouth hole which helps make breathing easier for the mouth breathers and people with sinus problems, whereas the PureSleep has a skinnier breathing hole. The main disadvantage with PureSleep is that once its molded and adjusted you cannot go back and change the setting to fit your mouth, but VitalSleep can easily be reset using the setting key with provided tool. 

Having said that, both the MAD devices are equally appreciated by users and sleep physicians, now that you have read the differences, you can easily pick one that will suit your problems better.

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