VitalSleep vs Zyppah: Find out the best anti-snoring solutions to get rid of sleepless nights

Snoring is one of the most commonly occurring problem that most of today’s population faces each day. Due to increased stress and unhealthy lifestyle, this issue seems to be rising. However, with advancement and innovation in medical science, new inventions are coming through to make life easier for all of us. Let us read further to find more about VitalSleep vs Zyppah.VitalSleep vs ZyppahTo cure the problematic situation of Snoring, one can find multiple anti-snoring inhalers, medicines, physical contraptions and MADs (mandibular advancement devices). Zyppah and VitalSleep are one of the best anti snoring mouth pieces that are worn while sleeping and work very well in curbing your snores

But often when we to buy these devices online or from a pharmacist, with plethora of options available, it often leaves us confused as to which one to buy. So, let’s compare two of the best MADs existing VitalSleep vs. Zyppah in the market today and decide which one is the best suited to your problems:

  1. Technology: Both the devices VitalSleep vs Zyppah are MAD devices, but Zyppah also works on TSD (tongue stabilization devices) technology that works in stabilizing your tongue so that it doesn’t block your air canal while falling asleep. This can be an additional advantage to help people who are suffering of Sleep Apnea.
  2. Price range: Although, both the devices are introduced in a pocket friendly price range. But there is a slight difference in the market price for both the products as VitalSleep is available at $59.95 +Shipping Charges while Zyppah is available in a price range of $89.99 + free shipping.
  3. Ease of use: Both Zyppah and VitalSleep utilizes boil and mould techniques to create a customized mouthpiece. However VitalSleep has a screw like extension that allows you to extend and align both the jaws as required. However, Zyppah comes with a tongue holder that helps stabilize your tongue in sleep. Although both the devices are easy to use but Zyppah wins this race because it is auto adjusting.
  4. Material: In terms of material, both the products come in a Latex/BPA free design which is approved by FDA.
  5. Cleaning: Zyppah’s smooth design makes it easier to clean using with some soaking. While VitalSleep with multiple screws and cervices requires scrubbing apart from regular cleaning.
  6. Guarantee – Zyppah is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee while VitalSleep comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and free replacements for an entire year.

Although, VitalSleep is a debutant to the anti-snoring device industry, yet it comes with a power packed features, making it a product that outdoes innumerable over-the-counter devices in its category. Having the capability to be molded and customized, VitalSleep gives the buyer more flexibility options with unmatched comfort. It also has minute breathing holes which allows people with sinus an ability to breathe through their mouth while sleeping.

  Zyppah VitalSleep
Technology MAD + TSD MAD
Price $ 89.99 $ 59.95 + Shipping
Fitting Process Boil and Bite Boil and Bite
Jaw Alignment Adjustable Jaw Alignment Pre-adjusted Jaw Alignment
Ease of use
Material BPA/Latex Free BPA/Latex Free
Guarantee 30 days money back guarantee 60 days money back guarantee + 1 year replacement warranty
User Reviews Zyppah VitalSleep

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