All you need to know about where to buy the SleepTight Mouthpiece

SleepTight is a conventional jaw alignment device that can be worn by people who are habituated to grinding and clenching of jaws in sleep also known as Bruxism. The mouthpiece is designed in a way that it aligns the lower jaw so that a person’s breath can circulate freely without obstruction.

where to buy the SleepTight Mouthpiece

I have struggled with nightly growls (snores) for almost 3 months. The problem had grown so much that I had started waking up exasperated and sometimes with a sore jaw. I used and reviewed multiple anti-snoring mouth aids but most of these products were either uncomfortable to wear or would work temporarily.  

Why is it important that you know, where to buy SleepTight? 

Initially, I was also conned by an online seller on eBay who lured me into buying a fake product by offering a lucrative discount on the Sleeptight mouthpiece. But since the product was fake, I experienced a weird stiffness in the product that wouldn’t go away even after a week’s usage. I had become so disappointed with the product until I emailed the SleepTight website and they mentioned that I had ordered a bogus product from another website. So to save my readers from not falling prey to similar situations, I have noted my ordeal and recommendations on where to buy SleepTight. 

Where to buy SleepTight? 

A genuine SleepTight product is sold to customers across the globe from the official website only. When ordered from the site is available under 30 day trial period at $9.95 only, and if you keep it after 30 days your credit card will be transacted with the remaining fees of $69.95. The box comes with the following: 

  • One SleepTight Mouthpiece 
  • One mouthpiece storage case 
  • One airway fitting handle 
  • Easy to use fitting and usage directions 

If you have purchased you own SleepTight and unsure about the authenticity, you can write to their official email and discuss your queries.  

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