Zenguard Complaints: Everything you need to know before buying it

Snoring is usually overlooked as a ludicrous matter but it is a very chronic problem. Being a chronic snorer myself, I have been experimenting with the different anti-snoring devices available in the market. I recently came to know of tongue retaining devices also known as TRD’s, I was fed up with the anti-snoring mouth-guards which were very uncomfortable and left sore teeth and gums so I thought of giving it a shot.

Zenguard Complaints


I researched upon the products available and chose an affordable product, the Zenguard which seemed reasonably effective and had good reviews online. The main reason why I opted for Zenguard was that, unlike mouthpieces it needs not to be inserted into the mouth completely.

Zenguard Complaints:

After usage of few months, I think I am ready to provide the review on the anti-snoring device, first of all, it takes time to get used to it. The first few nights were completely uncomfortable as I had to keep my tongue in suction which led to tongue soreness.  

Secondly, I noted that I had to sleep on my back the whole night to keep the tongue in place to prevent the snoring. If you keep changing positions in sleep then this device might not work for you as I had to wake up at least 3 to 4 times to put the tongue back into suction cup of Zenguard. 

Thirdly, my gums began to be sore as the week went on, I noticed that there was some swelling on the gums too, which I concluded was due to the introduction of the silicone film on my gums. I was worried initially when my gum line started to recede. I continued the use because it definitely had reduced my snoring because it works effectively when your snoring is caused due to throat or mouth muscles.  

To conclude, the device does feel weird in the mouth but it also resolves your wheezing issues. I got accustomed to Zenguard in few weeks and noticed that I could actually hold my tongue forward when I am not using the device, which makes breathing more easily. Apart from the readjustments, soreness and saliva, this is might turn out to be a good alternative for you too.

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