Zenguard reviews: Is It Really Worth Your Money?

If you have been a habitual deep snorer like me and are currently living with your partner, you most likely landed upon this review because you have been searching for the ultimate solution that will help you overcome your struggles of sleepless nights and will help you rejuvenate your relationship with your partner. Since I have been a snorer myself, in my personal mission to live a snore-free life, I have tried multiple anti-snoring devices in different categories and I will be sharing my Zenguard Review.

zenguard reviews

With the advancement of technology, there are innumerable manufacturers of anti-snoring devices in the market selling countless snoring aids and solutions.

Even though we have a variety of companies claiming that their product is the best in the category but it is highly important to know the root cause of your problem and what will suit you the best before buying a medical device for yourself. This way you can get an effective relief from your issues without burning a hole in your pockets.

Now, before I start with my ZenGuard review, let’s answer some of the commonly asked questions and understand what it is and how it really works in reducing snoring does.

What is a Tongue Stabilization Device:

ZenGuard is a contemporary Tongue Stabilization Device (TSD) that is designed to raise the mouth slightly to keep the user’s tongue in place during sleep.

This unique design of the device is specifically designed to prevent Sleep Apnea, which happens as a result of the tongue falling to the back of the mouth, obstructing the air flow and passage resulting in restriction of the throat muscles. If this condition is not diagnosed in time, Sleep Apnea can become life-threatening and in fact fatal in some cases.

Is a TSD such as ZenGuard suitable for my problem?


Since snoring aids are normally sold in over the counter Pharmaceutical shops but most of these devices are traded without consultations with a doctor. It is common to see snorers often neglecting their problem and buying a solution that is not right for them thus wasting both money and time.

The ZenGuard device is one such device designed by ZenSleep Company intended to prevent restriction of air passage while you lay on your back to sleep each night. TSDs have been known to reduce mild to moderate level of symptoms of Apnea in people who suffer from snoring due to a large tongue or enlarged tonsils due to various reasons.

Depending on your concerns and how gravely you are suffering from snores and its related issues, it always advisable to get a diagnosis done by your physician before purchasing an anti-snoring device or product from the market.

How Zenguard Works?

How to use the ZenGuard TSD?

To wear the device, push the tip of your tongue smoothly into the ZenGuard until it starts touching the sides of the device. Then, gently squeeze the bulb of the device between your thumb and forefinger to create suction at the tip of your tongue.

This can get a little tricky at first, but you can gently repeat the pumping action to draw the tongue over and into the mouth device.

The manufacturers of ZenGuard- ZenSleep recommends you to repeat the aforementioned step by putting your tongue into the device to calculate and create the apt amount of suction within your mouth.

You will have to be careful at this step because excessive suction may cause uneasiness in the mouth and may restrict blood flow to your tongue. Similarly, lesser vacuum through suction may cause the device to fall off during the night.

In order to use this device myself, I had to Practice using the ZenGuard a couple of times during the day to get the perfect amount of suction and comfort around the device.

My Experience and ZenGuard review


I ordered my ZenGuard from the ZenSleep official website. While making my purchase, I observed some additional offers on the site around other effective solutions from ZenSleep.

Some giving one on one offer, this sounded lucrative, but I did not distract myself from my goal and went on to purchase my first ZenGuard. On placing the order, I received my product in just a few days and started trying the ZenGuard at night a few days later.

Despite practicing wearing the ZenGuard a few days prior to using it at night, it took me several attempts to get used to wearing this device but it was worth the effort.

The suction on the bulb is stiff and I experienced a lot of tongue soreness, even after just a few minutes of wearing the TRD. I did try wearing the ZenGuard for quite a few nights and had the same experience each time.

Finally, after some failed tries, I was able to fall asleep with the device in my mouth and woke up comfortable next morning. The device is easier to take off than putting in so next morning I was able to get rid of the device easily.

Since my partner is mostly the one who gets affected by my loud and rumbling snores each night, so I asked my partner to help me and give their opinion and ZenGuard review. To my delight, my partner mentioned that snores were considerably less and infrequent throughout that night.

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Pros and Cons of using the ZenGuard


Even though the device is designed to be as self-effacing but some users have reported side effects and discomforts after use. Possible side effects can include the following:


  • Works effectively for people who have been routine snorers for longer time
  • Cost effective: Each of the ZenGuard devices retails for $89, which is cheaper and cost-effective as compared to its competitors in the market
  • Durable: The device can be reused and can last up to 10x more than a CPAP mask or device
  • Hassle free: The ZenGuard is a singular device and doesn’t come with heavy contraptions and add-on. Thus making it the most hassle-free and convenient product.
  • BPA free- Made of safe, high-quality materials
  • Easy to clean using toothpaste and a toothbrush


  • Tongue Uneasiness – In my opinion, the suction-based functioning of this device can result in tenderness and sensitivity in the tongue. While using the device, I experienced mild tenderness for first few attempts and while discomfort was just temporary but it got better by practicing the usage in intervals.
  • Non-Customizable- The product comes in a single size and shape, thus it doesn’t give a customizable feel or comfort to the users
  • Increased Drooling – While reading the reviews of the product, I read that some people who used the device also complained about increased salivation during their sleep. This can mostly happen because of the positioning of the device in the mouth while you sleep.
  • Likely to fall off during sleep- Since the whole mechanism of this device works around pull and vacuum creation, this if the suction is not properly created, the device is likely to fall off in sleep.

As per my ZenGuard review, this is a simple yet effective solution for people who have obstructed sleep disorder which is caused by snoring. Unlike other custom-made devices such as MADs, this product may get a little uncomfortable to work with, especially for the first few nights. But most of the users have also reported a positive feedback stating that this device is one of the effective solutions to get rid of wheezy nights, without getting surgery or medications.

Additionally, since this device comes in a single size it can lag behind in the race of its competitors that are now available in customizable shapes and sizes. However, as recommended by customers the device tends to become easier to use by soaking in warm water for up-to 2 minutes.

In the end, I would say, this has not been one of my favorite devices so far in terms of ease of use. Even though I had to face some difficulties with the ZenGuard TSD, but since this device has reduced the intensity of my snores each night and has helped me to sleep better so, in the end, I would say it was all worth it.

Based on my experience with this device and multiple other devices in the same category, I would give this device a 4/5 star for my overall experience and would definitely like to gift it to my mom and dad as their upcoming anniversary gift.

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