Zenplug Reviews: One product that works well for swimmers, bikers, surfers and snorers 

Zenplugs is an anti-bacterial, customizable and effective earplug that can be used to protect your ears from unnecessary noise, and related hearing loss. These are effective for people who are surfers, swimmers, bikers etc. As per the official Zenplug reviews, users who have tried the earplugs have rated these as 4 out of 5 stars in convenience, usability and effectiveness.

Zenplug Reviews

Made from incredible noise proofing technology, ZenPlugs are equally effective if you sleep next to a snorer and want to sleep peacefully in noise free environment.  

Zenplug is mouldable according to the shape and size of your ears and gives amazing fit and noise cancellation benefits when worn. If you are a side sleeper like me, Zenplug is equally useful and doesn’t protrude from the ears. These earplugs can be securely worn even when lying on your sides.   

Zenplugs are made from Steritouch, proven to kill MRSA, E.coli and salmonella polymer material which 100% safe and antibacterial that reduces the chances of catching infections and increases the lifespan of the product. 

My partner is a much of a snorer and occasional nudging and elbow poking doesn’t work well for him as it often tends to disturb his sleep and he is usually unable to sleep once woken up in the middle of the night. His snores and my sleeplessness had taken a toll over our relationship. I use to wake up irritated and tired every day. Even though my partner had tried all sorts of anti-snoring devices, but his snoring would never go. One day my friend had reviewed Zenplugs and asked me to get a pair for myself.

Where to buy Zenplugs?

I ordered a pack of 3 plugs which was retailed at $29 from the official website. On arrival, I observed that the pack contained the earplugs, cord, caps, ear lubricant and an instruction booklet. The instructions mentioned to dip the earplugs into a mug of hot water for 2 minutes and with gentle pressure push it into the ear to get a customized fit for each user. 

As per my opinion, I have used Zenplug for many days and keep it handy for noisy nights and whenever I go for a swim. This device definitely keeps my ears safe from any unwanted high volume noises and keeps water from getting into it. 

Below are some unique features that can be noted from Zenplug earplugs review:  

  • High in PPE compliance as it is made from improved and moldable material 
  • Increases comfort and personalisation 
  • Longevity and durable material 
  • antibacterial material that protects you from nasty ear infections 
  • Comfortable to wear 

Even though initially, the earplug may fall out due lack of efficient moulding but if you go through the instruction manual correctly and follow as directed, you will certainly experience the best results for yourself.  From the first usage itself, I felt considerably rested and peaceful at night. Even though it doesn’t block 100% of the noises, but it certainly does a good job at making the noises less intruding and irritating. Per my suggestion, if anyone is going through a noisy situation at home, I recommend using the Zenplugs to each one of you.

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