Zquiet Review: Get Rid Of Noisy Snoring, Wake Up Refreshed.

As the slogan says: “Pop it in, and the noise is gone”, it is the best device to eliminate snoring.

So, today you’ll know:

  • What is ZQuiet?
  • Its mechanism
  • Who is ZQuiet perfect for?
  • Who should NOT use Zquiet?
  • It pros and cons
  • Zquiet cost
  • Zquiet Review Complaints
  • Zquiet Review
  • Does Zquiet Act Like A Mouthpiece?

zquiet review

ZQuiet is a hinged anti-snoring  mouthpiece. The device is made of medical-grade plastic (FDA approved).

ZQuiet has a brilliant desgin that helps you get rid of snoring by advancing the lower jaw by a few millimeters to prevent the base of the tongue from blocking the airway, which is the most common cause of snoring.

The device may look very simple, but its features are very effective. ZQuiet is: thin, lightweight, flexible and spring.

We are going to provide you with a ZQuiet review, to let you know everything about the device. Besides, some ZQuiet review from people who have already used the anti-snoring mouthpiece.

ZQuiet is the most effective anti-snore device according to snore lab. On snore  lab have found that more than 70% of SnoreLab users who tried ZQuiet experienced a significant reduction in their snoring intensity, with a significant proportion of these discovering that their snoring was almost entirely cured.

What is ZQuiet?

Zquiet is a “mandibular-advancement splint”, that is one of the most effective categories of anti-snoring device. ZQuiet helps you to have a quiet night with no worries, thanks to the “springiness”, which prevents the device from falling while you are sleeping.

ZQuiet is an anti-snoring device, but unlike other devices ZQuiet will not prevent you from normal activities like: opening your mouth, breathing naturally, or drinking tea and water.

It is very important to know how to keep the device clean, because you will put the device in your mouth in the evening. All you need to clean the device is warm water and mild dish soap, and if you want to make sure that the device is extra clean use a toothbrush to scrub ZQuiet.

Warning, do not use toothpaste as this will discolour your device and could damage the smooth surface, making it more uncomfortable to wear.


Zquiet is a “mandibular-advancement splint”, which works by advancing the lower jaw by a few millimeters to reduce blockage of the airway, which helps you to breathe quietly.

In most ZQuiet reviews people said that ZQuiet is really effective, it works like magic to prevent snoring. It has helped them to be refreshed every morning.

Who is Zquiet perfect for?

ZQuiet is perfect for you if you are one of the following categories (according to snore lab official website):

  • You snore more when lying on your back.
  • You may experience daytime tiredness.
  • You have a small or weak lower jaw.
  • You tend to snore more, after drinking alcohol.
  • If you are a mouth breather.
  • Your neck circumference is greater than 16″”.

Who should NOT use Zquiet?(according to some ZQuiet reviews):

  • ZQuiet is an (MDA) so it is not suitable for people with dentures.
  • It is not good to wear with bridgework, crowns, loose or weak teeth. However, some reviewers with these problems said that they have used the device without any difficulty, so it is better if you consult your dentist.
  • If you have severe to very severe sleep apnea.
  • If you have any kind of jaw problems.
  • If you have an overbite, which means that you are unable to comfortably move your lower jaw in front of the upper jaw.

Pros & Cons

Zquiet Pros Cons

The device has many great strong points. However, there are some cons, and in this article we aim at giving you every piece of information about the device to keep you fully aware of everything.

The following Pros&Cons are mentioned in a ZQuiet review by a customer, who has already bought the device.

Positive Points 

  • Medical grade material is non-irritating and soft, and doesn’t contain latex or BPA.
  • the mouthpiece flexible because of the Living Hinge Technology, so you can speak and move your mouth while wearing it.
  • Airflow ports for mouth breathers to keep your mouth slightly open to allow good airflow during your sleep.
  • the FDA designated ZQuiet as a class II medical device.
  • You’ll get twoZQuiet mouthpieces, so if one isn’t working, you can try the other one. The two mouthpieces are different in size since one is made for milder snorers, however, the second one is for severe snorers.
  • No fitting process. You can enjoy the soft material that can simply be trimmed and filed, if it’s big.
  • Easily cleaned with any old toothbrush and some dish soap.
  • You’ll only pay for shipping up front, and then the $79.95 (price of the two mouthpieces) gets charged 35 days later, if you don’t return them.

Negative Points

  • One-size-fits-all won’t fit everyone. Although it can be cut and filled if it is too big, there isn’t an option if it’s too small.
  • Not recommended to wear with dentures or loose or weak teeth.
  • May cause jaw soreness, especially if you are not used to wearing an oral device.
  • According to other ZQuiet review, a number of customers feel it doesn’t have a long enough lifespan before it needs to be replaced.
  • If you return the device, shipping charges do not get refunded.

Zquiet cost:

Get rid of noisy snoring effectively, and save your money at the same time. ZQuiet is the right solution for both your snoring problem, and low budget. At first you get a free trial for 30 days, you only have to pay 9.95$ for shipping and handling.

After the free trial period you can choose between two things;

The first: If the device was not effective you can return it,

The second: If you like the device and it really helped you with your snoring problem, you will pay an additional 79.95$.  This is a strong proof that you are going to have a very pleasant experience.

Zquiet Review Complaints

Zquiet Review Complaints

  • In one ZQuiet review complaint the customer said the device did not work at all, and it was really hard to clean and prevent the bacterial built up. She also added that talking while it is in her mouth was like she was talking underwater.
  • Another customer has complained about the customer service calling it “frustrating”, because the sales person has tried to convince him to buy products he was not interested in.
  • Another customer said that he has been using ZQuiet for 3 years, at first there was a significant improvement>
  • But, over the time it has pushed his lower teeth out to the point where he no longer had an over-bite.

So his bite is completely changed. He is also having issues with his  jaw and has  noticed that the device is beginning to become less effective.

Does Zquiet Act Like A Mouthpiece?

Some mouthpieces are soft and streamlined, the mouthpiece job is to hold the lower jaw strictly in a forward position. Of that we can be 100% sure that talking while wearing an anti-snoring mouthpiece is impossible.

But, that is not the case with ZQuiet, unlike most ” mandibular-advancement splint” which are designed to just hold your lower jaw forward, to prevent the tongue from collapsing in your throat and cause an obstruction>

ZQuiet is quiet different, it helps people with snoring problem to have a good life.

ZQuiet does not act like a mouthpiece in terms of preventing you from talking, mouth breathing and drinking, thanks to the “living Hinge Technology” that make ZQuiet mouthpiece flexible, so you can easily open and close and talk.

In one ZQuiet review the customer was amazed by the “living Hinge technology” and he thought that technology must be applied to other mouthpieces.

Anthor ZQuiet review talked about the high quality material and he said that ZQuiet is crafted from a thermoplastic elastomer, and contains no BPA or latex, and it is cleared by the (FDA).

ZQuiet is also made in America and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The material has been put through rigorous safety testing, and there are no acrylics used during production.

You can definitely try Zquiet since, as many snorers say, it is very comfortable and you feel bothered when it’s to tuck in bed and put it in your mouth.

You will also notice that ZQuiet has airflow posts. This ensures that you can’t completely close your mouth and block the airflow while you are asleep. This means that it is suitable for mouth breathers.

Zquiet Review:

ZQuiet is one the best selling anti-snoring mouthpieces, many people give excellent reviews about it, telling how they felt using this device. So, we are going to mention some of these experiences to help you make your mind.

  • It is a very effective remedy for snoring, and it was really good to my low budget. This great device has eliminated snoring for 40% of people who have tried it.
  • Anthor ZQuiet review: A man and his wife were suffering from snoring, he was a snorer and the noise kept his wife awake for many nights, he has tried the Z Quit mouthpiece he has become a big fan of it. The device helped him and his wife to get a good sleeping every night.
  • One of the people who have written a ZQuiet review said that he was on a quest to find the perfect anti-snoring device.

It was a pleasure to him that he could get a free trial for only 9.99$.

He recites that once he put ZQuiet in his mouth he felt comfortable. He added that the 2 mouthpiece for the price of one benefitted him and his wife.

  • In another ZQuiet review the user said he has tried many mouthpieces, but none of them was a perfect match, until he used ZQuiet, and it was what he was looking for.
  • Another customer expressed a great deal of appreciation to the service, and thought the customer service did everything possible to please him.
  • Another customer said that the device was a pleasure to wear for 6 hours every night, the device fit in his mouth like a glove. He was very pleased that his wife could finally sleep quietly, and he was guilt-free, because keeping his wife awake was such a burden.
  • One reviewer used the device with his wife, he was skeptical about it. But he said they put the device and were able to talk without drooling. It was effective for both of them.


ZQuiet is a very special ” mandibular-advancement splint” mouthpiece, you can make sure yourself by getting one for a free trial. So, If you have a snoring problem, and a low budget ZQuiet is the perfect fit for you.

If you breathe through your mouth ZQuiet will not cause you any issue. You can be sure that there is risks using ZQuiet because it is made of medical-grade plastic approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

ZQuiet is also made in America and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The material has been put through rigorous safety testing, and there are no acrylics used during production.

Thanks to the “Living Hinge” Technology ZQuiet is different from other mouthpieces, as it is flexible and helps you to talk, drink, and open or close your mouth while wearing it.

ZQuiet quit suitable for everyone, unless you are suffering from severe sleep apnea, or dentures, or any jaw problems. Also, ZQuiet comes in 2 sizes: one for mild snorers, the other is for severe snorers, the 2 are for the price of one.

In this ZQuiet review, we have provided you with every single piece of information, or opinion.

The price of the device is 89.9$. You have a free trial. We have mentioned all the Pros & Cons according to the customers who have already used the device.

To be neutral we have included some complaints about the device. You can also find some of the most amazing technology in the device fully explained.

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